Two rave girls wearing holographic butterfly rave two piece sets.
Holographic cropped jacket and crop top.
Holoographic butterfly two piece set for raves.
A girl wearing a holographic rave two piece set.
A girl wearing holographic butterfly two piece set.

Holographic Butterfly Rave Outfit

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Want to stand out and be the rave butterfly at your next Music Festival or Rave? Then look no further than this sparkly and glittery butterfly rave outfit. The outfit includes a holographic cropped hoodie, crop top, and pants. This rave outfit is perfect for big festivals like EDC with LED-infused flora and fauna!

Material: Polyester & Spandex
Style 1: Sparkly Turtleneck Hollow Out Top + Holographic Sports Bra + Fanny Pack + Shorts + Leg Bag - $59.95
Style 2: Sparkly Cropped Hoodie + Strapless Butterfly Tube Top + Shorts + Fanny Pack - $49.95

Size Chart (Inch & CM; Pounds & KG):

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