What to Wear to Winter Raves & Music Festivals?

What to Wear to Winter Raves & Music Festivals?

Say the word “music festival”, the first thing that springs to mind is usually sunshine but apparently, nothing will stop the hardcore ravers - not even the cold weather! From Lights All Night, A State of Trance to Countdown NYE, there are plenty of top-notch music festivals in the winter. And just when you’re looking up winter raves to go, it slowly dawns on you that the biggest question now is “what do I wear to winter raves or music festivals?” Well, just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you’ll have to wear a mundane ensemble. Something as simple as a faux fur coat or hat will make you look just as cute and goofy as you normally do in Summer. Faux fur hat was initially used as a part of the military uniform in Russia but it has now become the perfect go-to accessory for winter raves! Still debating what to wear to winter raves? Well, we’ve got you! We’ve compiled a list of the best rave clothes to wear for music festivals and raves in the winter so you don’t need to go through this struggle alone! Read on and click on the links below to check out the best picks.

  • Women’s LED Sequins Fur Lined Coat for Winter Raves

  • LED has always been the most popular element in rave culture but combining it with sequins and faux fur, you are going to sparkle and most importantly, make a bold statement - you’re at the forefront of fashion trends! This LED coat features fish-scale sequins on the outside and warm faux fur on the inside, perfect for those who want to look cute but can’t tolerate the cold weather. It’s also easy to unzip so don’t forget to pair it with a sexy crop top for a fashionable look!

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  • Women’s Cute Faux Fur Arm Sleeves

  • Wearing a thick jacket to a rave or music festival is definitely not ideal for those who love to dance or headbang. If you want to wear something that doesn’t restrict movements, or be able to showcase your curvy figure in this cold weather, then look no further than these faux fur arm sleeves that will keep you warm and fuzzy.

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  • Wolf Faux Fur Hat Ear Flaps 

  • Furry Animal Hats have always been a staple in rave culture. Turn your rave squad into a mysterious wolf pack in this sexy wolf faux fox Hat!. So we mentioned previously that the faux fox hat was once an integral part of the military uniform in Russia, but did you know why? It’s because the fur on the flap can insulate ears, jaw, and chin! With that said, if you’re an old raver like me who wears earplugs at raves for your hearing’s sake, then those wolf faux fox ear flaps are the perfect alternative for raves! This wolf fur hat is also perfect for dark and grimey underground raves.

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    •  Colorful Winter Faux Fur Cat Hat

    If you’re on the fence about the wolf fur hat because you want something more bright and colorful instead, then look no further than this colorful water faux fur hat ear flaps with pockets. Featuring colorful patterns, furry cat ears on the hat, and cute cat paw patterns on the inside, this item is perfect for those who are trying to go for the cute look with their girlfriends! 

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  • LED Faux Fur Hat with Ear Flaps

  • If none of the furry hats above intrigue you, then be sure to check out our LED faux fur hat. Similar to the last item, LED faux fur hat ear flaps features furry cat ears, even better, with colorful LED lights in them! This rave wear is guaranteed to make you look like a LED trippy cat.

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  • White LED Faux Fur Coat

  • And last but not least, this LED faux fur coat is a perfect alternative to the LED sequin faux fur coat since it is much lighter without sequin embellishments. It features colorful LED lights and stretchy material. It’s comfortable and perfect for outdoor music festivals or raves in the winter!

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