Top Music Festival & Rave Accessories for 2022

Top Music Festival & Rave Accessories for 2022

It goes without saying that the ideology of PLUR in rave culture is the glue that binds us together. It hinges on the idea that rave is almost like a ritualistic experience with a strong communal sense. The openness that PLUR preaches also facilitates an environment that allows ravers to express themselves openly. If you’re wearing a jaw-dropping rave outfit, people are more likely to ask where you bought it from than why you’re wearing it. With that being said, rave wear has become a form of self-expression. Being yourself unapologetically means experimenting with new styles and incorporating bright colors in your style to make a bold statement. Colorful and creative rave accessories make the perfect addition to rave outfits and they usually speak volumes about who you are as a raver. We’ve rounded up a list of must-have rave accessories for 2022. 

Rave Colorful Butterfly Wings
Two rave girls wearing rave butterfly wings.Take your rave outfits and rave experience to new heights with those rave colorful rave butterfly wings. Featuring stretchy elastic back straps, 360-degree wingspan, and halter straps, those stunning butterfly wings are easy to wear and match with your outfits. If you’re known as the social butterfly at raves, then don’t shy away from expressing that with your rave wear. Those picturesque butterfly wings are perfect for the extravagant and Wonderland-themed music festivals that take you to the fantastical world.

Rave Face Jewels

A rave girl wearing face jewels at a rave.

If you want to stand out and shine, then you should spend just as much time on accessorizing your face as you do on accessorizing your body!  3D glittering rhinestone face jewels are elegant and chic. They are definitely the must-have rave accessory that adds a finishing touch to your holographic or sparkly rave outfits. All gems are self-sticking with pre-attached glue so application is quick and easy. 

Sequin Face Masks

A rave girl wearing sequin rave mask.

Feel like discussing the elephant in the room? There was a time when face masks were banned at raves for obvious reasons but as the world has changed drastically due to Covid, so does the rave scene. Wearing face masks at raves has been made mandatory in the last couple of years. And if you have to wear a mask to raves, make sure to do it in style! A sequin face mask is a perfect accessory to pair with your sparkly rave outfits.

Dragon Metallic Criss Cross Wings
A rave girl wearing criss cross draon wings.

DJ Excision has iconic dinosaur visuals and dinosaur-themed music festivals whereas Illenium uses phoenix rising from the ashes as a symbol of his previous addiction. Wearing animal-themed outfits and accessories is a good way to express yourself as different animals symbolize different traits and emotions. Dragons are mystical beings that are often associated with magic so be sure to check out those dragon metallic cross-cross wings! Crafted in solid sterling silver plated, nickel-free, and lead-free material, those wings are stunning and can be matched with any rave outfit.

Metallic Rave Leg Wraps

A group of rave girls wearing rave leg wraps at a music festival.

Ever wondered why girls always wear leg wraps to raves and music festivals? It’s because they can add more texture, color, and character to your legs. If you’re planning on wearing a colorful bodysuit or bikini two-piece set, then be sure to pair it with metallic rave leg wraps that will make you look sexy and elegant.