Kaskade and Deadmau5 Unveil Collaborative Project 'Kx5'

DJ Kaskade and Deadmau5

EDM classic duo Kaskade and Deadmau5 who made the all-time hits like “I Remember” and “Move For Me” just made their new collaboration official. The two Grammy-nominated juggernauts of House music will release their debut track “Escape (feat. Hayla)” under the alias “Kx5”. Stay tuned for the release on March 10th.

Kaskade and Deadmau5 teased the release of their collaborative project in Kaskade’s SoFi Stadium Show with a giant K5 flashed on the screen, then posted an cover image of their project to social media. With the announcement of Kx5, it’s safe to assume we will be seeing more timeless releases from this classic duo.

During an interview with Dancing Astronaut, Kaskade expresses “I don’t think I’ve said this to Joel before, but I think we both understand this inherently. It’s like, that’s the best part about collaborating, and certainly with Joel, because I have a huge amount of respect for him as a musician and as a human being. So for me, I sent him an idea a couple weeks ago. Like, ‘dude, I can’t.’ There’s that wall you hit sometimes when you’re working sometimes and you’re like, ‘oh, I made this track in seven hours and I love it. It’s awesome,’ and you go home and eat dinner. There’s other times you hit a wall and you’re like, ‘yeah, I don’t know what to do here.’ The best part about working with somebody that you respect so much is like, ‘oh, let me bounce this down and see what Joel hears.’ So I didn’t have to sit here and bang my head against the screen. I could just send it to him and he can make it awesome.”

Echoing the same sentiment, Deadmu5 said “I’ve had like about two years of literally not even stepping foot in my studio. And then just in the last, three weeks, I I went in there and then cranked out nine tracks in 10 days, you know? And that includes some of our collaborations and some new stuff that I’ve done on my own. So, it’s more of a you know, if you’re feeling it kind of thing,” admits deadmau5.”