Best Rave Wear Ideas for Christmas

Best Rave Wear Ideas for Christmas

The end of 2021 is sneaking up on us faster than we think. Luckily, Halloween is not the only time of year to throw your staple rave ensemble out of the window and spice things up with the wildest costumes! With Christmas approaching, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many ravers are on the lookout for sultry, sexy lingerie and costumes again. Whether you’re going to a music festival or even better, throw a sick private rave at home, it’s time to put extra spirit into your rave wear and get in the mood for the Christmas holidays! We’ve rounded up a list of sexy rave clothes that will turn you into a sexy Mrs. Santa Claus this Christmas. 

  • Playboy Christmas Costume

    Playboy Christmas Costume

When we talk about Playboy, figure-hugging outfits with bunny ears, white cuffs, cufflinks, and a bow tie usually springs to mind. Playboy Bunny Costume has always been the American Icon. Featuring a wide belt with buckle, faux fur trim that’s soft to the touch, and sparkling sequin embroidery that’s aesthetically pleasing, this Playboy Christmas Costume is guaranteed to make you look sexy and playful at the upcoming Christmas raves!

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  • Sequin & Mesh Lace-Up Christmas Romper

    Sequin & Mesh Lace-Up Christmas Romper

Want to take your sexiness to the next level? Then look no further than this sequin & mesh lace-up Christmas Romper. Featuring faux fur trim along the sides, sparkling sequin embroidery, mesh lace-up, and sexy corset detail, this tight-fitting Christmas Romper is your best bet if you’re looking for festive rave wear that showcases your curvy figures. Pair this with sexy fishnet stockings or tantalizing knee-high boots.

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  • Cozy Christmas Sweater Romper

    Cozy Christmas Sweater Romper

If you’re looking for something less over-the-top and more classy instead, then this cozy Christmas sweater romper is your best bet. This casual-glam and figure-hugging red sweater romper is designed to accentuate your waistline. It’s guaranteed to make you look alluring and bring all the boys to the yard. The best part is that it’s perfect rave wear for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve or post-holidays!

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  • Santa Cutie Christmas Dress

    Santa Cutie Christmas Dress for Raves

Well, not everyone is on Santa’s naughty list so if you just want to look subtly sexy instead, then check out this Santa cutie Christmas dress. Featuring an adjustable wide belt with buckle, red velvet with faux fur at the hem, this Christmas dress is basically the classic Christmas costume for ravers that are nice but a tad naughty! 

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  • Fur Boot Covers for Winter/ Christmas Raves

    fur boot covers for raves

Debating what to wear to stay warm at Christmas and Winter raves? We’ve got you covered. These fur boot covers are the perfect complement to so many Christmas outfits. Pair these boot covers with any of the Christmas rave costumes mentioned above and it will instantly turn you into a glamorous Mrs. Santa Claus!


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