Best LED Products for Raves, House Parties & Gaming

Best LED Products for Raves, House Parties & Gaming

LED lighting has taken the world by storm. In our previous article about the similarities between gamers and ravers, we’ve briefly touched on the popularity of LED in both pop culture genres. From gloving(LED light show) that accentuate colorful and trippy patterns, big DJs like Deadmau5 or Rezz donning LED masks behind the decks, to color-changing LED lights that elevate the ambience of your game room, LED decidedly plays an interesting role in both gaming and rave scenes. We have rounded up a list of LED products for gaming, EDM music festivals, house parties. On the hunt for cool LED gadgets for upcoming raves or your game room? We’ve got you covered. Read on and don’t forget to check out our LED Collection which gets updated every other month!

LED Galaxy Sky Projector for House Parties/ Game Room

Have you ever thought of the possibility of transforming your room into a trippy music festival with starry lights? Yep, you can do that with just a small LED projector. Our product can project can project a realistic and color-changing starry nebula onto your wall or ceiling. It’s perfect for astrology fans, ravers, hippies and even gamers. It gives a dreamy and interesting ambience to your room. If you’re the hippie type that loves watching psychedelic or kaleidoscopic videos, then this product gotta be right up your alley!

LED Mask & LED Fake Eyeashes for Raves

Don’t want to wear a neck gaiter or ordinary sport mask like everyone else does? Consider getting an eye-catching LED mask that gives a sense of mystery. DJs and music festival goers donning masks is a new phenomenon. People are putting a lot of thought into their rave accessories and fashion lately so don’t fall behind! Apart from the rave scene, we are also seeing more gamers especially streamers and cosplayers wearing LED masks that make them look badass. Also, don’t forget to check out our LED fake eyelashes that will help you find a rave bae!

Pool Parties/ Date Night: LED Pool Lights, LED Drinking Glasses & LED Ice Bucket Speaker 

There’s nothing better than summertime pool party and bbq in the backyard or a date night with your bae - hot tub and chill. Check out our LED floating disco pool lamp that is designed to illuminate your pool for house parties. It cycles between different colours and comes with five modes for you to customise the experience.

And if you want to kick the party up a notch, stock up on our LED drinking glasses that bring glowing colors to your alcohol! All you need to do is adding liquid to activate the flashing LEDs in the base of the cups. 

Or check out our LED Ice Bucket speaker which is a fantastic addition to house party or date night. Yes you read it right, it’s not just an ice bucket, it’s a LED ice bucket that is also a freaking speaker!  Powered by 2 AA batteries, you can play music by connecting it to your bluetooth and turn on the LED light with just the push of a button. Honestly all of these are perfect for a romantic first date too!